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Bookkeeper - Tina Barbalace 0449 136 091

My name is  Tina Barbalace:

               1. 20 years experience in all facets of Bookkeeping

               2.  Use of MYOB - since 1998

               3.   Also expert in general administration and management

               4.   I have an Accountancy Certificate 

               5.   I am a 5 years trained teacher


In what do I specialise?  Why you need to choose me to organise your paper work?


  • I will file and organise any messed up documentation
  • I offer mobile Bookkeeping, namely:  I pick up and deliver paper work.
  • I use MYOB, the easiest accounting package for you to follow up what I am doing for your business.
  •  I do any administration work your business requires.